My SEO isn’t working?
Part 2

My SEO isn’t working? 2nd common mistake

As you might imagine we get approaches from companies shopping around to improve their Local SEO or National SEO. They may not know why it’s not working but they can see that conversion rates and sales are down. So what goes wrong?

In our last blog article My SEO isn’t working? 1st common mistake we explored one of the common issues which is easier to spot. Here we feature a more complex problem but nonetheless, a commonly made SEO mistake.

SEO Research, Website Audits & Loads of Gobbledygook

Without meaning to disparage SEO professionals, SEO agencies or anyone poporting to be an SEO specialist – there’s reams of data that we use to examine websites, competitors and keyword rankings. It comes from multiple sources like Google Analytics, Console, MOZ.. I could go on.

So when you ask the question: What’s happening with my SEO?

What do you really mean? Do you want reams of stats fired back at you and a list of technical SEO tasks completed last month, as proof of work? Whilst that’s reassuring that work is being complete, it will probably bore you rigid and that’s if you get time to absorb the reports.

It’s great to have this detail but what you probably want is to alert the SEO agency about the poor impact, the SEO is having on your website enquiry rate.

If you’re asking questions, it’s not going to plan. Does your SEO company have a plan? Have you talked strategy with your SEO provider? Talking really does help here, as stats don’t talk.

Herein lies the problem – a lack of coordination, no joined up thinking

When you instinctively know something is going wrong with your SEO provision, reams of stats are often dished out to the client – blind em with science to keep you at bay!

Well those stats could land on our desk and we’ll do the number crunching and pick through the mess to find out what’s really happening with your SEO provision. We’ll break down the tasks, verify keyword rankings, on-page SEO and Off-page SEO, inbound links and competitor analysis. But that’s not what we’ll present to you, here’s why?


We present a business case for SEO to successfully meet your objectives by –

  • A Coordinated approach – for updating your website, social media & SEO.
  • Understand and learn from your current SEO footprint
  • Agree objectives and align our SEO to successfully achieve these objectives.

Case Study Problem

After 5 months, company A had seen little improvement in rankings and clicks that converted to new business. Company A understood that SEO was a long term investment in marketing but felt the SEO wasn’t heading in the right direction. It lacked direction and wasn’t focused on achieving their business goals, namely more online sales.

After a comprehensive analysis of their data we could see that the SEO provider was improving rankings mainly through posting monthly blog articles. We assumed the SEO provider were doing what they said they’d do to promote a set of agreed keywords, but it didn’t appear to be working out as their client had expected – namely sales conversions.

We asked the questions – who’s updating your website, social media, SEO?

4 activities were happening in isolation

  1. adding products on eCommerce plug-in
  2. social media updates
  3. web developer delivered the web design on WP
  4. SEO provider is adding blogs on WP

Recommendations – it’s not rocket science to solve

There’s was no evidence of clear marketing objective and no evidence of someone overseeing all the 4 activities above to coordinated the digital marketing. This isn’t a unique problem and we have experienced businesses that have plateaued at the crossroads of web developer vs seo updates vs client updates. But it can be fixed.

Clear objectives should be set and the SEO company, ideally needs content and technical developer skills inhouse. Then oversea all SEO activities even if they aren’t adding products they should ensure they are being added correctly. Likewise any issues highlighted by the audit, theirs was very poor, should be rectified by the SEO provider or the developer, if the skills are not in-house. In short joined up coordinated thinking!

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