My SEO isn’t working?
Part 1

My SEO isn’t working? 1st common mistake

As you might imagine we get to hear from new prospective clients looking to jump ship to a new SEO agency. Unsurprisingly, they tell us about their SEO problems rather than their successes, it’s just the way it works. When you’re getting good leads and converting to sales, it’s hunky dory but when it dries up or it’s slow, the finger pointing starts.

So what goes wrong with the SEO?

Sometimes it can be quite simple and easily remedied. Other times we find that it is more complex but not necessarily your old SEO agency’s fault – now you weren’t expecting that were you!

Common reasons why SEO can fail to deliver

It can be easy to spot, sometimes by just viewing the website and you do get a sense something really isn’t right. In fact very little is right, as there’s no evidence of SEO being done. That ain’t good for you or the rest of us, the SEO professionals that actually do the hard work and stand by their results. When this is the case we collect evidence and can monitor a website to see what’s changed over a time frame. We check the health of the website, using what’s commonly called a website audit.

You can spot it too.

  • If you’re paying peanuts and expecting SEO you ain’t getting SEO as you’re most likely getting monitoring and a monthly report which you probably don’t pay much attention to anyway – am I right?
  • Worse still are you paying for links via multiple directory submissions software? Please don’t

Here’s why directory submission software is out!

Using directory submissions to push out your address, numbers and website to 100’s of unknown directories, assumes one size fits all – when we know each business is different. We’ve had to untangle the mess this can cause your website. Irrelevant links and inbound links scoring low on authority. Then what happens when you change your address or number, you’ve got 100’s of directories with conflicting information that’s detrimental to your Google NAP that’s Name, Address, Phone number. This data is associated with Geo-location and Search. Maintaining consistent NAP data across the web is critical for businesses wishing to rank well in the local SEO organic search results.

Remember SEO is labour intensive and task driven, undertaken by skilled individuals in content writing, analysis and technical developer skills too. That costs money not peanuts but you can shop around to get the best value. Often smaller agencies are more lean and keen to win your business.

Next month we’ll post the second common challenge facing businesses and competent SEO agencies but harder to spot than no SEO being done.

My SEO isn’t working? 2nd common mistake

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