Googlenomics or Gobbledygook

Typical Scenario

Perhaps you’ve launched a new website or been frustrated by a poorly performing old website. You’ve optimised your website for keywords and waited up to 3 months for Google to rank you. Now you face the harsh reality that you need help to market your website to get on the top pages.

Should I try advertising?

In a word Adwords (that’s for Google) or more generally called Pay Per Click (PPC). Perhaps you’ve been enticed by Google £50 voucher, or even a £75 one..
But is it a gamble, that pays off?

We do hear accounts of some businesses going stir crazy with online advertising budgets running way over budget!

Getting started can be a daunting prospect as you navigate your way through the advertising control panel. And there’s always a niggle in the back of you mind that you really could be doing something more productive. Especially as the few minutes stretches to a few hours.

Now you’re ready to go!

Having navigated the unfamiliar world of PPC ads, that’s pay per click, now you are ready to go. Hopefully you can reap the rewards of your hard earned labour. As you hope to sit back and wait for enquiries to roll in.. or is your credit card taking a bashing as your campaign takes on a life of it’s own?

Avoid the pitfalls

Perhaps you’re a business, spent all your marketing budget on pay per click advertising, with no enquiries and now you’re at a crossroads. Hopefully you’re riding high on the crest of the online wave of enquiries. It can be confusing and time consuming, trying to make sense of it all.

‘£5k spend in 1 month with 4 leads’ recalled one electrical business owner.

Managed carefully and planned they really can hit the mark. But left unmonitored with unlimited budgets, you’re in real danger of losing control and getting miserable results.

HML do successful SEO

To be fair to the major search engines, there are plenty of helpful resources and support available. If you’ve got the time and expertise to get it right, there’s plenty of online resources that can help.

A few of our helpful tips

  • be targeted – decide on specific product or service
  • market research – best keywords, use online resources, ask people
  • target your market – local or national, sector specific
  • set an affordable daily budget and campaign timescale
  • write an engaging ad
  • monitor your ad regularly
  • be prepared to make changes
  • measure your success i.e. return on investment (ROI)

Getting the experts in

Alternatively you can choose a managed campaign, using experts in online marketing. They will set-up and regularly monitor and get you the best return on investment (ROI) for your campaign. Set your budget, find out how many clicks you can expect and be prepared to change your website to ensure you’re getting the best chance of enquiries.

Some Benefits of a Managed Campaign

  • Conveniently Managed by experts
  • Targeting your customers
  • Save time
  • Set budget, save money!
  • Measurable

A managed campaign should easily pay for itself with savings by being expertly managed, saving you time, managing and monitoring your budget to improving your ROI.

If you’d like to find out more about a managed campaign or simply share your experience get in touch!