COVID 19 Update


COVID 19 Update

Our priority is to protect our customers. This means focusing on maintaining our secure and reliable web service, including websites, emails and your visibility on Google provided by our marketing subscriptions.

We are working to address our customers’ needs, particularly the most vulnerable companies that are immediately affected by COVID 19. For example, companies in the leisure and tourism sector or their supply chains that must close or change the way they operate.

We recognise that each company will have different needs, some needing to adapt, to home deliveries for example, others having to pause trading but equally be ready to open when national guidance permits.

In short, we will stand by you to support and help you to adapt.

Equally, HML will change the way it works.

At HML, we are now working from home for the foreseeable future. We already use technology to host meetings, employ home voip phones, avoiding travel where possible, and are now extending this to apply to our external meetings.

To talk directly to discuss how we can help your business adapt call 01656 457458.